More than just medications.

Our on-site pharmacy offers:

  • Medication therapy management and refills
  • Free mailed medication service via UPS
  • Stock of specialty and hard to acquire medications
  • One-on-one pharmacist consultations
  • Adherence counseling
  • Drug interaction management
  • Refill reminders
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Copay assistance programs for qualified patients

Benefits of an onsite pharmacy:

  • Proximity to clinic providers
  • Quicker access to medications
  • Pharmacy access to electronic medical record
  • Full pharmacy access to labs, notes, monitoring plan, medications
  • Communication of prior authorization requests immediately
  • Coordination with multidisciplinary team including medicine, nursing, mental health and social work

Pharmacy Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm

Download the HIV medication chart here.